Carpet Cleaning in Brighton and Hove

For professional, affordable carpet and upholstery cleaning in Sussex choose Aladdin Cleaning Services. Our state of the art hot water extraction equipment means that we provide some of the best carpet and upholstery cleaning services in Sussex. Our machinery ensures the carpet fibres are cleaned from top to bottom leaving no unwanted contaminants in the carpet.

Carpeting and upholstery is a major investment in your home or work place and you need to clean it regularly to keep it looking new and to ensure that it lasts. Soil gathers in carpet fibres and erodes them. It is the most significant contributor to the premature damage of carpets, not foot traffic as many people think. In fact, having a clean carpet is so important that most major carpet and upholstery manufacturers require regular carpet and upholstery cleaning in order to maintain the warranty.

Aladdin Cleaning Services uses some of the most advance carpet cleaning system, equipment and solutions available, providing deep down cleaning to remove all the ground in soil and dirt.
Our professional carpet cleans will revive your carpet's appearance and have it looking like new.

For carpet and upholstery cleaning in Sussex, Aladdin Cleaning Services is the one to choose.

We offer great carpet and upholstery cleaning at competitive prices, along with free deodoriser and free quotations
Here are some frequently asked questions:

Q. Can pet odours be removed?
A. The deodoriser is added to our cleaning solution and will deal with most pet odours.
Q. Can a steam cleaning damage my carpets?
A. No. Hot water extraction is considered to be the best method for removing imbedded soil and other contaminants. It is also the preferred cleaning method by the leading carpet manufacturers.
Q. Are you insured?
A. Yes we have public liability cover.
Q. Can you remove wine, tea and coffee etc?
A. Some stains can be permanent and therefore we can not make any promises that we can remove them. We usually get better results if we attempt to remove the stain before anyone else tries.
Q. Can you give a quotation over the telephone?
A. Yes we can on most occassions unless you prefer to visit us.
Q. What should I do about furniture in the room?
A. We will happily move any furniture that does not require more than one person. We would also kindly ask that you remove small objects and breakables if possible.

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